Impact with Profit!

You Are Powerful Enough to Change the World-
As Ordinary People Have Done Throughout History

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Make a difference and a profit. Ordinary people can make sweeping changes! Ordinary people’s movements …

  • Overturned apartheid and segregation in South Africa and the American South
  • Threw out Communist dictatorships in Eastern Europe
  • Are saving the planet every day

These were ordinary people:

  • Lech Walesa, founder of Solidarity and first President of post-communist Poland, was an electrician in a shipyard
  • Wangari Maathai, environment and democracy activist, founder of Kenya’s Green Belt movement, and Nobel Peace Prize recipient, was a college lecturer in anatomy
  • Lois Gibbs, environmental crusader at the polluted Love Canal, New York, was an ordinary housewife
  • Martin Luther King was a minister at a segregated church
  • Nelson Mandela was a prisoner serving a life sentence
Tackle the World’s Biggest Problems AND Help the Bottom Line
What Mountain Would You Like to Save? How Can You Have Impact AND Profit?
The desire to leave the world better than you find it is as basic a drive as needing to eat, needing a home, needing a purpose and a career… It’s a biological requirement, just like food and sex and shelter. Many people shut that down because it feels too scary—but we don’t feel whole unless, in some way, we’re making the world better. Get past that shutdown by finding the self-interest in solving these enormous problems. That’s why I focus on the profit motive: how you can find the motivation by growing your business’s bottom line. It’s not about guilt and shame; it’s about empowerment.

— Shel Horowitz, Bestselling Author, TEDx Talker, and Founder, Impact With Profit

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Beyond Sustainability … to Regeneration

Just going green, just being “sustainable,” isn’t enough. Don’t lock in today’s not-ideal situation. We can turn hunger and poverty into sufficiency, war and violence into peace, and catastrophic climate change into regenerative planetary balance — and make a good profit at the same time — using the intelligence and experience already embodied in your business!


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