Copywriting and Materials Development for Businesses Doing Social Change

To make the change you want in the world, you must develop and disseminate the right messages to the right people. Note the plural there. One message will not be effective for all audiences. Every interest group, every market, needs an individual approach. Now you can get the help you need to identify your markets, determine the best approaches for each and write copy that will get noticed.

  • Who are your Obsessed, Interested, and Indifferent/Hostile constituencies?
  • What are the best message points to reach them?
  • How can we construct marketing that communicates these message points effectively and moves each audience to action?

Shel Horowitz specializes in creating powerful marketing messages for green and socially conscious organizations (business, community, and nonprofit). The multiple-award-winning author of ten books (eight of them on marketing and business profitability) got his start writing copy for community organizations working on social justice, peace, and safe energy before branching out to help businesses.

Shel Horowitz

Shel Horowitz, environmental and social change business profitability expert and best-selling author

As a copywriter and strategic marketer, he sees his strengths as:

  • Seeing both the forest (big picture) and the individual trees (details)
  • Finding the opportunities for profitable social change
  • Identifying and telling the “story behind the story”
  • Crafting the right messages for each audience
  • Moving people to take action

Want more information? Ready to get started? Please contact Shel using the information posted at our sister site, Green And Profitable, or the form on the same page.